Hey everyone! My app was malfunctioning here for a few weeks so I finally figured out how to fix it. My new job is amazing! I’m excited to go to work everyday. I clean up lots of poop but I don’t even mind. We keep animals clean safe and healthy. Not to mention we spoil… Continue Reading


I hope everyone is doing well. I start my new job next week and the girls go back to school on Thursday. I’m so excited about both! It feels like a fresh start and a new beginning. I have been feeling great, and I wake up smiling everyday. It’s a great feeling to climb out… Continue Reading

For My Aunt

I have 26 years on this earth with you as my aunt. You weren’t just an aunt to me, though. You truly were more. I hope you are at peace with your dad, I know grandpa loves the company. Rest in heaven aunt Kelly.