The Hard Way

I apparently like to learn everything the hard way. I didn’t learn the first time the father of my children cheated on me. Didn’t even learn the second or third time. Now I’ve learned that everyone that’s your friend isn’t really your friend. People that say they love you may not. People that you care… Continue Reading

Sorry Guys

I just realized the past couple weeks while I’ve been going through some dark times that I haven’t posted much. The trend down took me by surprise because for those weeks, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t posting. I’m not sure if I forgot about it or if these weeks have just been a blur… Continue Reading


The reason so many people commit suicide is because mental health is not looked at as a serious disease. People that don’t know what it is like to fight this battle every day say “you’ll get over it” or “stop over thinking”. Like it can just be shut off. Like we would rather sit here… Continue Reading

13 Reasons Why I tried asking for help. I’m left to struggle alone. And the line where he says “sometimes it’s the only reason I don’t do it” because I wouldn’t tear apart my daughters lives. But sometimes it really becomes something I think about. I know I’m not really alone. I’m in the dark place that… Continue Reading


I haven’t posted in awhile. I am going back to work at the end of this week. I’m both excited and scared. I can physically and emotionally feel the change that I’ve undergone the last 2 months. I can feel that I am a different and stronger person. I have realized a lot of things.… Continue Reading

July 8th

Today, I am just tired. I worked 6 hours after not getting any sleep because my youngest daughter was extra tired and didn’t want to sleep because her sister stayed with her dad an extra night since my little one just began her summer reading class today. As soon as I finished working, I made… Continue Reading