I Wish I Were A Tree

One Month

Hey ya’ll! It has officially been one month since I began this blog. It has reached many countries and over 1,000 views! I have not received many comments and zero contact request, so I am hoping my second month at it will make it to more people. I really want to make a difference for people of all ages who have any experiences with anxiety, depression, diabetes, neuropathy, children, childbirth, really any topic! I will always take suggestions. I also enjoy astrology and zodiac signs, I am a Pisces by the way! I was thinking about doing a daily horoscope post. I would love input to improve or to help someone specific. Thank you as always for your support! Please subscribe/comment/like/share!

The Most Accurate Description

What is Wrong With Me

This is what I think when I have low days. What is wrong with me that I can’t just be happy? Why can’t I do what I need to do and that’s that? I feel like I can’t do anything right. I don’t know how to get out of this when it happens. I listen to music and distract with tv. It’s too wet outside to take the girls to the park. I’m just tired of feeling like this.

Self Love

This is a huge thing that I am still learning. I try to love myself but my brain is constantly telling me to think. My brain never seems to shut off. What are some ways you practice self love?

Thank you for reading my blog. Please comment/share/like/follow!

I Challenge You!

I know how much I struggle with realizing I am enough and that my thoughts come from a dark place that always thinks the worst. I am not religious but I believe in something. What are everyone’s opinions?

Breathing Exercises

I usually use breathing as my go to for anxiety, stress, and even anger. If I feel too much of an emotion, the first thing I do is make myself breathe. I have a problem with hyperventilating. The breathing kills 2 birds with one stone. Any different breathing exercises you’ve tried? I’ve also tried the 7-5-8 method (I think that’s what it’s called) when you breathe in for 7 seconds hold for 5 and breathe out for 8. Thanks as always!