Hey everyone! It is nearing the end of October already. Before we know it, it will be 2020. Happy fall! I enjoy cooler weather, but I am not ready for the S word! For the followers across the world: I live in northeast USA where we can get inches to feet for 5 months long,… Continue Reading

Celiac Disease

Hey everyone!! We finally got some answers for my oldest daughter Cali. She has celiac disease (a gastrointestinal disease that causes a sensitivity to gluten that makes the small intestine become inflamed) and she also has many environmental and food allergies. It has become a major challenge in my life right now, because the combination… Continue Reading

Sorry Guys

I just realized the past couple weeks while I’ve been going through some dark times that I haven’t posted much. The trend down took me by surprise because for those weeks, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t posting. I’m not sure if I forgot about it or if these weeks have just been a blur… Continue Reading

July 8th

Today, I am just tired. I worked 6 hours after not getting any sleep because my youngest daughter was extra tired and didn’t want to sleep because her sister stayed with her dad an extra night since my little one just began her summer reading class today. As soon as I finished working, I made… Continue Reading

Please Share!

I haven’t heard from many followers but I really want to help people and get help. I know talking about what’s wrong to a stranger that understands your feelings can really help. Email, comment, whatever! Thank you all.

Fathers Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandpas, step dads, and single moms that have to be both. I know this holiday is rough for a lot of people. 2 of my best friends ever lost their fathers. One was many years ago but she still struggles daily (I love you so much Heather!)… Continue Reading

My Day

I am super excited today because my man and I are camping at Mosquito Lake, about 5 minutes from our house. I bought him a new tent for Father’s Day, and some awesome extendable weiner and marshmallow roasters! Other than that, I am still having a really rough time. I am done with physical therapy,… Continue Reading