Happy New Year everyone! I know 2019 was a struggle for many people, including and especially my family. I hope that everyone can start new, fresh, and healthy.

I wanted to share about how I keep going. I have been doing decently this last month despite the stress and crap that happened. If anyone else is tired from chugging along, you’re not alone.

I have always felt spiritually connected to something I couldn’t see or understand. I feel emotions to the extreme. I have anxiety, depression, OCD, and I feel it has made me special. Like I have never felt so special to something or someone. Now, I use my hypersensitivity to read tarot and oracle cards.

I have a Facebook page and Instagram page and offer free readings to everyone that asks. I have been paid by 2 customers, and they’ve been satisfied with my readings. It’s a crazy feeling, to be able to feel myself helping people.

I hope everyone can find something like this that takes all the pain and stress and hurt and turn it into helping people.

I am doing a daily draw from my new rebel oracle deck, which uses foul language and humor to give the reader a straight up answer to whatever is being asked. I want to share here as well, in case anyone would be interested in a free reading!

I will label it so if you don’t want to hear about it or don’t like the language, you don’t have to open it. I would hate to offend anyone!

With that, have a great January everyone. Prayers for our friends in Australia where millions of acres and wildlife are being burned alive.


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