Happy Holidays!

I truly hope everyone is having a great holiday! Mine has been great so far. Tiring and a little frustrating as well.

I wanted to post because it’s been awhile, and I also wanted to share a few things.

First, I found a guy on YouTube that has multiple albums out of spoken word poetry. I will warn that I respect everyone’s religious belief or lack of any belief, and this guy talks about God. If you don’t mind some of that, he discusses a lot about depression, anxiety, and suicide. So I suppose it could also need a trigger warning for some. Here are some of my favorites:





There is another I found on YouTube that I really felt, I don’t believe it needs any warnings 🙂


The other thing I wanted to share about, I found out that my liver is damaged by diabetes and metformin for its treatment. I was shocked as the diagnosis is NASH (non alcoholic stenoic hepatitis) which basically means my liver has cirrhosis like that of an alcoholic. I’ve also had to add more medications when I was finally starting to get off of some. I am sharing this because the anxiety I have is worsened intensely by the fear of dying younger than I should. I wanted to share the picture I took of my meds before I took them tonight. I’ve never shared a picture with anyone, though I have shared with some people the names of many of the medications. A few for diabetes, a few for things caused by diabetes, 3 for my depression and anxiety, pretty much a little of everything.

I am continuing to try to manage my diabetes and it has been especially hard with the holidays.

Anyway, have a great New Year and hopefully I will post again soon ❤️💫

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