Hey everyone! It is nearing the end of October already. Before we know it, it will be 2020. Happy fall! I enjoy cooler weather, but I am not ready for the S word! For the followers across the world: I live in northeast USA where we can get inches to feet for 5 months long, of the S word (SNOW). An update on me: I no longer work at the animal shelter. I had missed 7 days of work because of my oldest having to stay home. My last post, I shared with everyone that she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She just had an ultrasound done 2 days ago, to check if she has a hernia or something else that could be causing her stomach pain. Changing a diet completely is so difficult. She can’t get gluten free meals at school until the doctor fills out a form. When we’ve been to the doctor multiple times just to find out that she had something. It has been extremely rough and tiring. However, I am going to start training at a different gas station beginning at almost $2 more an hour difference from the animal shelter, and only a $1 pay cut from my store management position. I am excited to work a shift that ensures that I will never need someone to babysit again, plus I will be able to spend a lot more time with my family.

8 days ago my little brother (he is a year younger than me but twice my size and much taller) was in a really bad accident. He was riding his motorcycles with a group of friends shortly after midnight. They all get off work late, so this is the best time for them to ride together. A large SUV carrying a driver with just a learner’s permit and a passenger whose license was suspended, and also had a warrant out for her arrest on some previous altercations. Neither of which were the owner of the SUV I should mention, and neither with insurance because they are not licensed drivers. My brother saw the SUV attempting to turn left, across the lane they were driving in to the on-ramp for a major highway. They all slowed as they thought the driver of the SUV was going to turn. My brother said that they saw the SUV stop, so returned to their normal cruising speeds. Apparently the driver hesitated then thought she could make it. My brother was driving in front of the group, and as I said, is not a little guy, slammed into the rear passenger door, spinning the jeep onto the other side of the road. He seemed to be okay at first, he was conscious and called his girlfriend, who called our mom and dad. He said he was alright and not to worry, and only asked for ibuprofen for the pain, refusing all narcotics. After some scans and tests, he was sent for emergency surgery to clean out his leg and temporarily provide stability while waiting for the swelling to go down. He had a plateau fracture, which is when the knee bone (patella) is disconnected from tibia/femur. They had his leg held together with 2 steel rods from his hip down to the bottom of his shin. They also found one wrist broken at the base of the thumb, then 2 days later the other wrist and a lower part of a finger. He has had 3 surgeries in these last 8 days with at least one more in the future. I didn’t mean for this to sound like a story, HAHA but it does. Anyway, just asking for prayers and good energy!

Speaking of energy, I am not sure if I shared on here or not, but I have been practicing and learning about tarot and oracle cards. I have been doing free readings online and hopefully will be able to make a little income off of it, mostly just to expand my growing library of decks and books. I currently have 3 oracle decks and 3 tarot decks, with 2 oracle decks coming in the mail soon. I was into tarot in my teen years, but never really got it. Now, I have been learning every day a little more. I even made a Facebook Page: Kira’s Tarot and Oracle Readings. I have been much happier since following my own new outlook on life.

Now I feel like I’m rambling. I had a double sleepover with my sister, my girls, and their 2 best friends. It’s been a rough weekend. I also have surgery on Thursday. Will try to update soon 🙂

  1. Hi Kira,

    Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate. Ur brothers accident sounded terrible, sorry he had to endure that. It must of been traumatic for you and the rest of your family also. It’s been a couple of weeks since ur post, so I am hoping ur brother has finished with the surgeries and is now able to focus on his recovery. I hope ur surgery went well and I also hope that the diet changes bring relief to ur daughter. Good luck with ur new job. You have so much going on, make sure you take care of urself as well. As mothers we tend to neglect our selves and that is not good (I think that played a big part in my breakdown).
    I now have anxiety on a far too frequent basis.
    My eldest son has been having issues at school. On 3 different occasions there has been physical altercations of which my son was the target. I have a meeting at the school in a couple of days to discuss it in more depth then during the last phone call. I don’t want my son to feel anxious about going to school, he already suffers with anxiety and gets very down on himself. (Unfortunately he takes after me)

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    • Oh my! You have a lot on your plate as well! I hope the meeting goes how you’d like it to. That’s not okay in any way. My brother has at least one surgery left. He’s had 3 so far but is home and laid up to heal. My surgery was okay, was in a lot of pain for awhile. Slowly starting to feel better. My new job is going well and soon I’m hoping my anxiety will be back down to bearable!


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