I had to share some pics I’ve taken since starting my new job. I may scoop a lot of poop (literally) but the other half of my work days is getting these animals good homes :). I never thought I would love going to a job this much. Sometimes I miss my extremely stressful drama filled convenient store job, but the stress and pay was not worth it. This job is easy for me. I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them when they’re sick and giving them medications is very rewarding. Thank you all again for following my journey! I have been extremely happy with life, and I even have my best friend back. Grudges can ruin your life and I refuse to waste any more of this life I’ve been giving being angry and upset and stressed. You never know when your last day alive is your last day, and my aunt Kelly is proof of it.

I’ve been struggling with a stomach virus today since 4:30 am and found out my daughter (oldest-Cali) has celiac disease and many many environmental and food allergies. Those are my struggles today. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday tomorrow and a great weekend ❤️.

  1. Hi Kira

    Love the pics, soo cute. I am so happy that you have found a job doing something that makes you feel so fulfilled.

    I’m proud of you for having the strength and courage to let go of the anger and find peace within urself, I have been learning to do this myself over the past year and it’s a good feeling

    Your journey is inspiring.

    AussiecT 😊

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