Hey everyone! My app was malfunctioning here for a few weeks so I finally figured out how to fix it. My new job is amazing! I’m excited to go to work everyday. I clean up lots of poop but I don’t even mind. We keep animals clean safe and healthy. Not to mention we spoil them with love! We get strays, owner surrenders, and humane cases where the owners do not care for them properly. It’s an extremely rewarding job! Thank you for those who checked in on me. You have no idea how much I appreciate the support.

On another note, one of my former “best friends” randomly messaged me out of the blue last week. We haven’t spoken since July but for some reason she felt the need to send me a message saying “you are a f****** cu**”. It felt so good to just delete the message. I am so much happier without the stress and drama she has caused me. Four years of friendship and her using not just me but my mother to watch her kids when her parents lived in Florida, and to just randomly send me an insult like that. I never use that word because it is disgusting and I was surprised because of all things I may be, I am not that. I know I am emotionally stronger than I used to be, because I don’t care that she thinks that anymore. I know who I am and she doesn’t.

Hopefully I will be able to post more now that my app is fixed. Thank you!!

  1. Hi Kira,
    That is fantastic that you are loving your new job! I am so happy for you.
    Not nice that you received such a nasty comment from someone who was once considered a best friend. I’m glad that you are in a good place now and are able to ignore the comment and not allow it to drag you down.

    Thanks for your posts, I look forward to reading about how you are doing. Gives me hope. 😊

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