The reason so many people commit suicide is because mental health is not looked at as a serious disease. People that don’t know what it is like to fight this battle every day say “you’ll get over it” or “stop over thinking”. Like it can just be shut off. Like we would rather sit here and suffer in our heads when all we really want is to be normal. I don’t want to have bipolar depression. I didn’t ask for it to run in my family. To punish me or treat me as if I were less of a person says a lot about someone’s character. Manic episodes have me awake for up to 3 days. Depressive episodes keep me locked in my apartment for weeks. There is no escape, and that hopeless feeling is the reason people end it. They get too tired to fight it. Especially when there aren’t people who have your back no matter what. Mental health is fucking serious. It matters. If someone tells you they have a mental illness, just ask how you can help.

For others in this fight on a daily basis: keep fighting. I know you’re tired, and I am too. The good parts are worth living for, no matter what your brain or thoughts are telling you. Please don’t give up.

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  1. Thankyou for ur post Kira. One step at a time. I said to my husband just yesterday, how tiring depression is. I have learnt a lot through my psychologist. Something that happened to me as a young child- that affected my emotional development – I didn’t even realise, but I did always feel like something was missing. At 38, it’s a long time of going through life with a negative voice in my head, with emotions and feelings that are all a bit tangled- it’s a lot of time that these behaviours, thoughts and feelings have been ingrained in me and I know it’s going to take a fair bit of time to change these things and re-wire things in my brain, it is tiring.


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