Month: July 2019

13 Reasons Why

I tried asking for help. I’m left to struggle alone. And the line where he says “sometimes it’s the only reason I don’t do it” because I wouldn’t tear apart my daughters lives. But sometimes it really becomes something I think about.

I know I’m not really alone. I’m in the dark place that makes me feel alone. And it’s even harder when people I would kill for hurt me more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Please, if you or a loved one are suffering and having thoughts of suicide, call someone. Anyone.


I haven’t posted in awhile. I am going back to work at the end of this week. I’m both excited and scared. I can physically and emotionally feel the change that I’ve undergone the last 2 months. I can feel that I am a different and stronger person. I have realized a lot of things. Please leave me some positivity 🙂

July 8th

Today, I am just tired. I worked 6 hours after not getting any sleep because my youngest daughter was extra tired and didn’t want to sleep because her sister stayed with her dad an extra night since my little one just began her summer reading class today. As soon as I finished working, I made dinner, and I finally got some peace and quiet about an hour ago when the girls fell asleep. My head has been pounding awhile, but other than that, I’m feeling pretty good!

I still need to see my doctor again next week, so hopefully everything goes good and I can fix this chemical imbalance that has caused so much strife in my life. (rhyming is accidental)

Anyway, I would love to hear how everyone celebrated Independence Day! Please comment! I watched fireworks and enjoyed time with my dad and family, and had an awesome long weekend.


I literally saved my apartment this weekend and saw this today. I fully believe in good and bad energy and the power of certain things. When I start feeling bad energy in my apartment I like to sage. I immediately felt the good energy fill the space. Peace to all today!!

I Got You

As it becomes Independence Day, I am so grateful for the life I have. My struggles and experiences are what got me to where I am and gave me the people I have. Thank you.


Hey guys. I wanted to share that my best friend and I have been talking and we hung out too! Even through I’ve felt really alone, one day of talking to her made me so happy. I am starting to feel almost normal I guess I can say. I mean I’m never normal, lol, but normal for me. I really love her and would do anything for her, including stalking her on a date one time to make sure she was safe cuz she didn’t respond to my messages 🤣🤣. I really would take a bullet for this woman. My crackajack and sister from another mister, thank you for being there ❤️. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.