Fathers Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandpas, step dads, and single moms that have to be both. I know this holiday is rough for a lot of people. 2 of my best friends ever lost their fathers. One was many years ago but she still struggles daily (I love you so much Heather!) and the other was my best friend from high schools dad. I’ve posted about how I grew up wanting to live with my dad. I’m a straight up daddy’s girl. Of course I love my mom, she raised me to make me who I am and even though I wasn’t spoiled and was depressed, I know she did the best she could and I am grateful. My dad was only 17 when I was born and has been working his ass off since he was 15. He works 7 days a week most weeks because he provides an amazing household for my little brother and sister. They have nice cars a nice house and they live comfortably. My dad has always made me proud. He’s also the reason I was born into the Pittsburgh teams! In high school, I didn’t see him much because he lived about 45 minutes away and I worked at McDonald’s and couldn’t afford the gas to visit. I saw my friends dad at least twice a week. He had an amazing job and spoiled the hell out of both of us. He gave us money for movies, food, gas, anything we wanted or could need!

Then I have another best friend who just began her relationship with her father after years of him being a douchebag. I am grateful that he came to his senses and reached out to her, because she didn’t have a real dad and it’s never too late to create a relationship.

All in all, happy daddy’s day.

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