I have a cousin going through some of the things I went through with my ex. For anyone that has been reading my posts for awhile, I still haven’t given the full story about him. I am not quite ready for that, but I survived a massive heartbreak that made me want to die every single day for over 2 years. For me, it didn’t matter what anyone said. “It’ll get better!” and “you deserve better anyway!”. I knew all of this already. It didn’t matter. When you have depression and anxiety and you get hit in the chest with shit like that, excuse my language but it fucking hurts. You have to fight every single day just to stay alive. It is exhausting. So, for anyone that wants to share, please comment or email me! I want to know what got you through. For those that are going through it now like my cousin, it helps just to know you’re not alone. To be blunt, it’s gonna suck more before it gets better. You are worth fighting for. You have people that love you even if it’s not the person you want. Take your time to work through your shit and then pick yourself back up because what they say about karma is so true, she a bitch. Whether it takes 5 days or 5 years, karma comes back.