The feeling is back

The one that I hate

That tells me I suck

I’m alone and out of shape.

I try to run away

Again and again

Each time, though, it gets me

I never seem to win.

See this feeling and me

We go way back

It’s been years and still

I’m thrown off track.

A million thoughts in my head

Attack at the same time

I try to focus on one

Keep trying to climb

Away from the thoughts

Fact or fiction

Doesn’t matter what’s true

It all causes affliction.

I can’t help my reaction

When I only think bad.

It’s a chemical imbalance

I inherited from my dad.

I’m pouring my heart out

All over these pages

And even though people

Have known of this for ages

My affliction that haunts me

Tells me I have no friends

Each time I think this

I just want the thoughts to end.

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