Physical Therapy

Today was my very first day of physical therapy. I was skeptical about it at first, because I have had numerous friends tell me “they just hurt you” or “it doesn’t do anything for me”. I arrived earlier than the 15 minutes early for my 10 a.m. appointment. Right after I arrived, 5 other patients arrived. One by one, they were taken in. Now, I was given physical therapy because my doctor believed I have a pinched sciatic nerve, which has been bothering me for over a week. On top of the diabetic neuropathy I feel on a daily basis, at least a 3 every day on a scale from one to ten, my back and left leg has been so painful. I invested in a heating pad and I use Biofreeze, but it is not nearly enough. I even tried stretches I looked up on Pinterest to try to help. I woke up again not being able to even get out of my bed right away, and when I do, I either fall or limp my way out. I waited and waited, even made sure I got my appointment right. I started to hurt so bad. I was sitting, then standing, then sitting. I was crying slightly by the time the physical therapist brought me back. She noticed, and was surprisingly very concerned. This woman looked slightly older than me, and was so sweet. She measured my range of motion with bending and everything, then taught me a few exercises that we made sure worked. It felt SO GOOD! I have to go twice a week for a little while, until my disc gets back into place. It will be much easier once I am doing the exercise daily. I did them again a little bit ago and it really makes a difference. My lesson for the day: don’t knock it til’ you try it!

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