Parenting and Funny Quotes

I came across this blog on Pinterest and I thought it was appropriate for my blog. We cannot be perfect, no matter how hard we try to. I swear sometimes, I get frustrated, I get tired.

Who am I kidding, we’re always tired! Anyway, I am slowly learning that it is okay to not be a perfect mom because it’s impossible. I am learning that it is better for my kids to be happy because they got to play at the play ground even though I didn’t get to the dishes because I was too tired after. I have to start accepting these things, because it doesn’t help anyone to be worried if how I’m parenting my daughters is affecting them negatively.

When I try to remember that I can’t be perfect, I start to notice how close to perfect my daughters already are. They are so polite and caring. They make friends with everyone! They hold doors open for others and constantly try to give away their favorite stuffed animals to their best friends.

If they are this amazing, I can’t be doing that bad of a job, right? I’ve been doing it on my own for 6 years now. Their dad gets them on most weekends, but it’s all me 80% of the time. I know I have to be doing something right.

I want to encourage all parents to just pay attention to your kids when they are in the middle of playing or doing homework. Watch how their eyes concentrate on the numbers and try to do the problems in their head or watch them pick flowers for their grandma because she has been sick. You are doing something right!

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