My Kids Have Allergies

I took my oldest to the doctor today because every time she runs around or exercises, she loses her breath and starts coughing. I’ve been pretty concerned, because I’ve never had allergies. However, I know I’m not the only person that developed allergies this spring season! I’m afraid my little one is experiencing these issues too, just not the same severity. I was given an inhaler with a spacer and knock-off allergy medicine and we will see how it goes. I don’t know many children with allergies, how do you help them cope? I hate when they are miserable. I hate when they are miserable. I get even more anxiety about whether or not they were given the right medication and the right dose and constantly check GOOGLE for symptoms of anything worsening.

In addition to this discovery, I have my first physical therapy session tomorrow and I hope it helps because I haven’t been able to get out of bed in the morning because it hurts so badly. The doctor says I may have a pinched sciatic nerve. So, that sucks.

I am making some chili for dinner. It is May in the US and it is about 50 degrees F, way too cold for spring/almost summer.

I am getting more followers and more likes every day, and I can’t thank everyone enough who takes the time to see what I am up to or how I am feeling.

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