People Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend

Today I know for sure that my best friend of over 2 years is not happy with the decisions I’ve made regarding my mental health and mine and my kids happiness.

I knew she wouldn’t understand, which is why I didn’t really try to talk to her about it

I’m not sure if she will ever talk to me again. I hope she does but right now I’m focusing on getting my mind right. It hurts like hell but I’m trying to for once focus on making me happy and not everyone else.

Again, thankful for all the support I’ve received.

  1. If your best friend is a true friend, she will understand. She may not agree; she may tell you; but she will accept i and stay friends.

    In your condition you sometimes assume the worst – I know I do – but then you may find that your fears were for nothing.


  2. Another observation, about friends. People such as yourself, and me, with out condition, often have a negative view of life. We may deny it, but we do, even if it’s to a minor degree. One way this shows itself is hen we look at our friends (and family), as not being supportive enough.

    Sadly, this might be true in some cases. But we should not assume that from the start. I like to see the good side of people, even if I am later disappointed.

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