So it’s 12:34 am here and I said I would be posting tomorrow. HOWEVER: I have insomnia and multiple medical disorders that are making it extremely difficult for me to sleep right now. I was taking Seroquel every night for over 2 years and decided I was tired of being exhausted everyday. Now, I feel less fatigued during the day, but still having problems with insomnia, which also could be triggered by the amount of anxiety I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks. I want to know who else has had this problem, and what are some ways you’ve been successful with managing it? Thanks guys!

  1. I’d like to start by saying that all I know about Seroquel is what I looked up just now on Webmd. I have no experience. But I do have experience with an antipsychotic drug, which I thing Seroquel is. I was prescribed Haloperidol for a nervous tic, and stopped using it after 50 years. It blocked my dopamine receptors. Now I have the benefits of increased dopamine, but also severe symptoms from tapering off the medication too quickly.

    I do not know why you have insomnia. I have a gut feeling it may be unrelated to Seroquel. Maybe your other medical conditions? I have searched the internet (via Google, of course) for my problem and found out a lot. No solution to my withdrawal though. You might find something if you search. But you can get insomnia for countless reasons.

    I have been receiving emails from Alice W. Lee, MD. She is a “Holistic Psychiatrist”. I have not tried any of her treatments, but maybe it will give you ideas.

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    • I am currently looking for a therapist to go to and hopefully a psychiatrist. The insomnia began years before the I got the prescription. In high doses, it is used as an antipsychotic. It really did help me for awhile. I used to lay awake for 5 hours before I could fall asleep. Since then, both of my daughters have been in school and I have been working full time at a high stress job. It gave me a heavy, always groggy feeling. Shocker, right!? Anyway, I appreciate your input! Thank you!


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