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Hey everyone! First I want to say, thank you for visiting my blog. I am new to this, and I know I needed something to help cope with things I am going through. I wanted to share a little about me, in the hopes there are more people like me suffering from similar issues. Well, here it is: My name is Kira. I am 26 and have two beautiful daughters that are 6 and 7 years old. I have not been with their father since my youngest was born, (Like, literally, right after she was born, I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend, but I’ll save that story for another day!) We live in a small town in Ohio. As my blog states, I am half way between a nervous breakdown and being happy. I am struggling with work, parenting, my relationships, my friendships, basically everything in my life. I have always wanted to be the best at everything I have tried. I am tired. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for my entire life, and first began treatment after my second daughter was born, again, a story for another day. I have/had a pretty decent job. I am currently on a personal LOA so I can figure some s*** out. I am having problems with the father of my children because, although he has become an okay father, he remains to become a decent person. Also, another story for another day. I seriously welcome anyone with any similar issues, or really any issues, to just contact me. I know how beneficial being able to relate to other people can be. I think this is the main reason I am beginning this blog. More to come soon. Thanks again!

  1. I am not in your position, Kira, but I do sympathise with your problems. Unfortunately relationship problems are common. They are especially difficult when you are trying to raise children. When combined with this mixture of depression and anxiety, they are especially bad. I have two such friends – both ladies, both slightly older than you are. One is a teacher with one 7 year old son; the other is a lady about 40 – that lady is not a very good role model – multiple partners, a total of four children, the youngest only 4 years old. Drugs are involved.

    But you – I have found that the biggest challenge is overcoming a feeling that you are worthless. In most cases (I’d say ALL of them) it is not true. Even though I don’t know much about you, I am sure it is also not true in your case. For a start, if indeed you were “worthless” you wouldn’t have started this blog. You want to help others, and that makes you VERY worthwhile. Indispensable in fact.

    My name is Henry Mydlarz, from Melbourne Australia. I am 71. My parents are survivors of The Holocaust, which probably made me prone to depression. My email address is mydlarzh@gmail.com

    Communicate with me any way you like – this blog, Facebook, email…

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    • Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your perspective. It is late here, so I will email you tomorrow. I also appreciate what your parents survived, I can’t even imagine. Talk soon 🙂


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